FOR SINGLES: Can You Have a Real Relationship with 5000 Friends?

Today is a milestone day in the world of digital connecting. My personal Facebook page welcomed its final, 5000th friend. For those in the brand-building world, this is but an early blip in the journey toward mass media penetration. But for me, this is something special.

You see, I don’t have the giant media machine of a Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga or Oprah. Most TV and music performers have me way beat with millions of fans, friends and followers, anyway. But I have something else. I have real connections. You are real people.

If you are one of my five thousand “friends” you are what the digital guru’s call “organic” connections. That means I didn’t buy lists. I didn’t have a giant media platform. I simply have my thoughts, my words, and my consistent posts.

You showed up for a number of reasons. At the beginning (two years ago) you were a small group of my real world friends and family. I started blogging about relationships and when you found my words to be stimulating, you shared my blogs. You are also former or current colleagues who may have “friended” me to expand your business contacts. Yet, many of you also read my blogs and shared. Some of you might have seen me on television spouting my opinions and came on board to hear more online.

Here’s what I LOVE about you. My Facebook friends are engaged and not shy with their opinions. Except for those who have needed the odd reprimand from me, most of you are polite and respectful even when you disagree with each other.

And you disagree a lot. That’s another thing I like about you. This group is completely diverse! You are liberal and conservative, educated and street-wise, you are Canadian, American and citizens of plenty of other countries too. My favorite conversations are the ones where we share and compare cultural norms. More of my online friends are male than female. Must be my fabulous photo-shopped photos. Ha!

If you’ve noticed, I allow almost all opinions on my page. The only things I delete are racist comments and posts that advertise other stuff without asking for my permission first.

But I want to take a moment here to apologize. Having 5000 friends means I can’t write back to every private message. And I’m sorry that when you come sit in the audience at my new gig, THE DOCTORS TV show, I won’t always recognize you. Like any relationship, an online one has to come with boundaries.

Finally I want to thank you. Because of your never ending curiosity about how humans date, mate and relate, you have kept me at the top of my game. I constantly read the latest research on human behavior to bring it to you daily. You have made me Americas Relationship Expert and my relationship with you is cherished. Thanks you friend.

4 thoughts on “FOR SINGLES: Can You Have a Real Relationship with 5000 Friends?

  1. Congratulations, Wendy;

    I am so proud I know you and am continually impressed with
    your views, enthusiasm, empathy, humour, knowledge and kindness.

    I wish you success forever and hope we never lose touch.
    Big love to you and your beautiful Daughters.

  2. Wendy,

    I think that was a truly moving note to us! I have always enjoyed your candor when deeling with Hot topics, and that you don’t sugarcoat things. I may not reply alot but you almost always see my “likes” to let you know that I her you.

    Plus I love it when you talk about sex! Woo hoo Dr, Milf!!!!

  3. You answered me when I told you I wasn’t getting your newsletter…and now I’m getting it! Thank you! Love hearing you on The Artie Lange Show. You’re ssssssssmokin hot too…

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