FOR SINGLES: Are you in RelationSHAPE?

A Happy CoupleI wish I could tell you that love didn’t suck, that finding a great partner is as easy as it appears in romantic comedies and that all relationships live happily ever after. That, of course, is what others (read: Disney and Twilight) may have subtly impressed upon your beautiful mind.

But I see you there staring at your iPhone deciphering your date’s texts’ like tea leaves, and obsessing about why he doesn’t call. Or, maybe you are wondering how to get your boyfriend or girlfriend on the same page in terms of relationship definition. You want to know how to have the “what are we?” conversation without scaring them off.  I also know some of you may have moved too fast to bed with your current love, and now that the sex-high-chemicals have died down.

RelationSHAPE is getting in the best shape of your life – attachment shape. Finally, there are those of you who are just plain confused about what healthy love should feel like. Are all guys and girls really the bad boys and nad girls, or are those the ones you are attracted to? What all of you may have in common is an insecure attachment style.own, you wonder if this is even what you want. Should you be keeping your options ope

Everyone has an attachment style. Your attachment style comes from a unique mixture of your biological predisposition and your early life experiences with your primary caregivers. Until now, most of the writing about attachment style has focused on parenting but now more people are taking a very personal look at how attachment style plays out grown-up romantic relationships. And it is possible to heal some old wounds and learn to bond in a healthy way. To feel at peace with your relationships.

In my book, The 30-Day Love Detox, I attained permission to publish an attachment test, that until now, has only been used in clinical settings. When you complete the test, you’ll know more about your attachment style and I’ll help you understand what you can do to train yourself to bond in a healthy way. Yes, you can learn to fall in love instead of becoming addicted to longing. You can choose intimacy over intensity. In a nutshell, RelationSHAPE is mental shape for authentic love. And you can do this.


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