FOR MEN: A Personal Assistant for Online Dating

PersoanlDatingAssistantsYes, you heard is right. For the busy guy, who’s even too busy to chase tail, a new website promises to do all the drudgery for you and produce the single thing you need — the phone number. The brain child of Matthew Valentines. is a New York based company that employs experts in online dating to build men’s profiles, send out early emails, keep up a small talk email conversation until trust is established, and extract the phone number of a woman of your dreams. As if that’s not enough, there are even “text” dating coaches available to help a guy maintain a text relationship until she picks up the phone.

The cost? Roughly $400 per month, unless you want the international playbooy membership level. That one, which promises to find hot women in whatever country you travel to, is $1500 per month.

I spoke with Matthew Valentines and, while he admits the service is mostly for men who want multiple, short term relationships, he also says there are plenty of men out there who don’t have the writing skills or the knowledge of online dating strategies to compete for mates online.

Then there’s the issue of deception. For the first few emails, the personal dating assistant impersonates the male client and single women may not realize they are being emailed by a “service” rather than a single guy. Valentines defends the practice by saying, “I don’t think of it as deception. I think it’s more about creating interest in the interest of saving time.”

Too busy to find a date.

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