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Did the Duke Grad’s “Sexploit Presentation” Break a Glass Ceiling?

It’s been a few days since Duke University was rocked with another sex scandal. When recent graduate Karen Owen’s power point presentation that rated Duke men for their sexual talents (or not) went viral, many young women smiled and pumped their fists. After generations of female sexual repression by a little cultural phenomenon called “the double standard” this sure tasted like yummy retribution. I admit, I read the whole thing and did find myself breaking into a wide grin. There’s something so much fun about taking powerful and revealing it’s vulnerabilities. Yep, there’s one shocking story about a huge, buff, athletic star with a mismatched appendage. Men, famous for their locker room talk and treating women like sexual objects finally had the tables turned on them. But did they? Are the men who ranked at the top of the list feeling slandered or empowered? And who looks worse? They are her?

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