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Class, Gender & the F-Bomb

I will begin with a disclaimer. If you are seriously offended by the F-word, please stop reading now. It’ll be written out in full soon. Yep, all four letters. If, however, you merely blush at the site and meaning of America’s favorite taboo word, then you might stay on for the ride, at least to find out what that blush is all about.

The idea for this blog came at my regular Sunday dinner party with a varied crew of adults and families. The conversation concerned TV shows from our childhood and I defended my poor recollection of “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father Knows Best” by explaining that back when I was growing up we only had TFC.  There was a pause. Yep, I said, “We only had two fuckin channels.”

One father at the table took offense at my joke. Because the tender ears of his children were nearby. I had forgotten that they’d probably never heard the word before because they were still just 13 and 14. But the incident made me think about why this word is so taboo.

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