The 30-Day Love Detox

30Day Love Detox

From a dating doyenne of the Sex-And-The-City generation comes this ground breaking prescription for slow-love that blasts traditional dating books and their confusing messages: Be free but not too free. Play hard to get and go after what you want. Keep him close by not letting him know you want a commitment-messages that help women play a game that doesn't always lead to a fulfilling, committed relationship. Dr. Wendy Walsh's outside-the-box approach to relationships turns traditional thinking on its head by using evolutionary psychology to offer advice that is both empowering and practical. The 30 Day Love Detox is unlike any relationship book before because it helps women better understand themselves and their mating strategies. For the first time, general readers will gain access to clinical tests that help women identify their gender role type, their attachment style and their sexual strategies.

In The 30-Day Love Detox, Walsh offers a step-by-step, five-part attachment strategy, with a 30-Day "detox" that helps weed out the bad boys and set women up to meet the right guy, including:

  • How to purge junk-food men
  • The five sexual myths that keep women single
  • When to begin the onset of sexual activity in a new relationship
  • The biggest mistakes women make when dating online-and how to avoid them
  • How to spot a commitment oriented man at his "state of readiness"

Melding scientific research, anthropological truths, and proven techniques, The 30-Day Love Detox is a revolutionary road map to finding lasting love in a modern world.

Author: Dr. Wendy Walsh


In a time when intimacy is on the decline and women are competing fiercely for the dwindling pool of men who actually are willing (or able) to be in a slow evolving intimate relationship, Dr Wendy Walsh provides practical wisdom that supports your healthy instincts for a real relationship."

Dr. Drew Pinsky | Board Certified, MD Host of HLN’s DrDrew, Celebrity Rehab, and Loveline

Dr. Wendy Walsh finally brings us enlightened feminism! By investigating our 20th century dating and mating habits, Dr. Wendy does for modern man what Jane Goodall did for the chimp. This required reading belongs on coffee tables, school desks, the treadmill, and in your daughters purse - pointing out why vagazzling, anal bleaching, and hooking up say less about sexual freedom and more about the porn culture. Like a Bible, this book travels with me, reinforcing values of love, care, commitment, and spicy monogamous sex!"

Academy Award Winner, Marcia Gay Harden

A passionate dispatch from the front line of our love wars. Walsh is insightful, scathingly honest, and arrestingly compassionate--her common sense cuts clean through the nonsense and gets right down to what really matters. Walsh clearly knows the game inside and out, from the bed-level to the neuro-level and this book is the smartest funniest guide you could ask for to help navigate the maddening labyrinth of contemporary dating."

Junot Díaz | Pulitzer Prize Winner | Author: "This is how you lose her"

Using a combination of evolutionary psychology, psychological research and clinical insight Dr. Walsh guides women through the dating jungle. She provides strategies, tips and tools to help the modern day woman find her soul mate without wasting her valuable time and precious resources on the wrong men."

Dr. Jenn Berman | Host of VH1 Couples Therapy and "The Love and Sex Show with Dr. Jenn" on Cosmo Radio, Sirius XM

From my first TV conversation with Dr. Wendy I knew she was the real deal. And I knew that as long as I occupied airtime on any channel, I wanted her to have a place on it. Yet, off camera she is an even more incredible person... caring, patient, knowledgeable. This book comes from the place that makes Wendy so special- the HEART."

Don Lemon | Anchor, CNN Newsroom

The 30-Day Love Detox draws together psychology, sociology, anthropology and biology in a readable “what’s in it for us” accounting. Finally, an academic treatise that is fun-to-read, interesting, and thought-provoking. If this book doesn’t make you think and wonder, you’re brain dead."

Brian F. Pendleton, Ph.D, Professor, Department of Sociology, The University of Akron

Wendy Walsh brings tremendous insight and intelligence to penetrating the mysteries of the modern game of mating. Unlike many other books in this genre, this one is anchored firmly in modern scientific evidence, which she brings to life with real examples. I found it captivating from start to finish. She gives women (and men) the tools needed to navigate the mating mazes of their own lives. You will come away wiser and smarter. It’s the best book I’ve read this year."

David M. Buss, author of The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating.

Instead of offering eternal sunshine, Wendy takes readers on a frank and valuable tour of how the "mating market" has changed--soured, in fact--and how you can improve your odds of finding lasting love amid a pool of duds. There are no guarantees in here, but there is plenty of good advice."

Mark Regnerus, author of PreMarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate and Think About Marrying.


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