The Boyfriend Test

The Boyfriend Test

LISTEN UP, LADIES!!! Tired of fretting over the latest in a long line of lotharios who decided that he wasn't ready for a serious relationship -- about 24 hours after you introduced him to your parents? Sick of not answering your phone to avoid that dream guy you met at a party who turned into a dud after three dates? Wonder when you'll stop calling your best friend at 2 a.m. sobbing over that Mr. Wrong you thought was so right? Well, here's the perfect cure for your many broken hearts -- an ounce of prevention in The Boyfriend Test.

Instead of hoping that your man or your relationship will live up to your dreams, Wendy L. Walsh, a dating doyenne who has kissed her fair share of frogs, urges you to take a long hard look at yourself, your boyfriend candidates, and couplehood--and put you, him, and "we" to the test. The Boyfriend Test is divided into three thought-provoking sections:

  • The Girlfriend Test--what's motivating you to get involved anyway?
  • The Boyfriend Test--evaluating everything from his first-date behavior (is he too good to be true?) to his consistency over five dates (ah, the truth emerges).
  • The Couple's Report Card--full of quick tips on maintaining a healthy relationship.

Funny and wise, The Boyfriend Test is a must-read for any woman on the brink of starting a new romance, or on the brink of insanity from her current one!

Author: Dr. Wendy Walsh


Walsh's appealing personality and empowering attitude set this small book of dating advice apart from standard magazine fare. The 20- and 30-something women she targets could do worse than listen to these zesty, positive tips for sizing up prospective dates. A former model and news anchor who's now a happily coupled mother, Walsh includes anecdotes from her own dating adventures that might seem tony and glamorous to many women (e.g., making out with Dennis Rodman and cavorting with Hollywood types). Still, she's had her share of mishaps and disappointments. Hers is not a Rules-like strategy for snaring a man, but an upbeat effort to keep women in the driver's seat by establishing a list of acceptable male behaviors. A "Boyfriend" must prove himself on several counts: including how he "meets and greets," his telephone skills and how he behaves on the first date. Walsh prompts another evaluation after five dates. Most of the "boyfriend" criteria are based on common sense, such as his ability to respect a woman's boundaries. Sounding like a savvy big sister, Walsh knows that sometimes one's heart or hormones may overtake judgment; she's at the ready with lighthearted, pragmatic help. Exercises and quizzes--such as the "Create your own perfect man" exercise, and several questions that determine one's relationship readiness--make the book fun and promotable. Walsh smartly says that a relationship shouldn't end until "all the lessons have been learned on both sides of the union." (Feb.)Forecast: Timed for Valentine's Day, this stylish and savvy primer should do well if given prominent display, and the author's media savvy should, if tapped into by the publisher, help the book immensely."

Publishers Weekly

There really are good men to be had out there
I was given an early copy of this book a couple of months ago... when I was in a very different space then I am now after reading it. Many of Wendy's past experiences mirrored mine, but I never had her insight on why relationships wouldn't work out as I thought they should have. This book brings to life why men and women react toward each other and relationships differently and suggests to women how and why we need to avoid repeating bad habits and learn to take care of our emotional selves better. The Boyfriend Test is the antithesis of The Rules. It's written for bright, thoughtful women, not for women willing to lower their standards and play head games in order to win a man. Since reading the book I have met a wonderful guy, who had to pass many of Wendy's tests before I gave him the thumbs up. I'm not saying that you'll find yourself in a committed relationship after reading The Boyfriend Test, but I will say that it speaks to the larger percentage of us, the bright women looking to treat and be treated respectfully and lovingly."

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