FOR WOMEN: Why Sexual Power is Pretend Power

adam_and_eveWe all know that a woman’s sexual power is nothing to be trifled with. From Eve to Cleopatra, stories of women who ruled man by his desires for her fruit, are legend. But when a college girl twitter trend cropped up this week with girls tweeting photos of their boobs emblazoned with their school team logos, I saw weakness not power. Sexual power in a high-supply sexual economy is pretend power.

That’s because women’s ultimate genetic survival is dependent on having a protector/provider during the vulnerable years of pregnancy and nursing as much as it is dependent on conception. While plenty of women these days have the economic power to hire such “alloparents” (nanny’s and coaches who replace fathers) the statistics still aren’t good for single mothers: Their children have 8 times the risk of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. They are more likely to suffer academically, behaviorally, and have earlier onset of sexual activity. I should know. I’m a single mother who works triple shifts to beat these odds.

When women use sexual power to lure a man into procreation and not partnership they are risking their genetic potential. Men don’t bond through sex. They bond through trust and they rarely trust a woman who uses sexuality as her power.

By the way, women are also more likely to contract an STD than men, have medical complications in pregnancy, or simply get left with an acute case of a broken heart. And you never hear about that on The Bachelor.

My advice to the U_Boobs on Twitter who call this campaign feminine power? Button up and open your eyes. Your female peers who are hitting the books and not hooking-up are quietly closing deals with the shrinking population of men who are still willing and able to make a commitment and invest in their offspring. You’ll see their wedding photos on Twitter.

6 thoughts on “FOR WOMEN: Why Sexual Power is Pretend Power

  1. Well said, Wendy! More often than not, I see women try to expose themselves sexually in attempt to meet new men, but ultimately get stuck in the wrong dating pool of losers.

    Trust takes time and it breaks my heart when I see women who just got out of a relationship start hunting for a new dating prospect and take the cheap way out of a single life.

  2. Whatever… Still waiting for you to admit and publish a photo of yourself when you were doing infomercials in that super-tight baby blue sweater with the mega pushup bra! Seriously, lots of people still remember that!!!!! It wasn’t so long ago and it was a national commercial… granted it ran late at night, but it’s extremely hypocritical of you none-the-less!

  3. Touche Dr Wendy, an insightful post if ever I was one. With an emphasis on sex and sexual flaunting in just about every media dominion you want to talk about, women who choose to act conservativey by today’s standards are often ostracised or made out to be some sort of geek, prude or loser.

    Why our society has to attach cudos to such behavior is beyond me and I’m sure beyond the comprehension of our many forebears for fought to have the right to have the vote, to go to college, to become a pioneering aviator, a Secretary of State and a former UK Prime Minister (vale Margaret Thatcher).

  4. Peter, we all live and learn and sometimes our greatest teachers learned their lessons from their experiences…and they speak with greater force and reason. We are not just what we may have done years ago but rather the culmination and sum of all our days, trials and wisdom gained. Wendy, I appreciate very much your posts and discussions. Peers, tv and pop culture puts such pressure on our young girls…It is scary. I still think the best teacher (as a single Mother myself to a young woman now)… Is setting the example (though I am human and make mistakes too) to teach my daughter right from wrong, strength from weakness, values vs. low self esteem. Your words guide us a parents too…as well as our kids. Thank you very much.

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