FOR WOMEN: Which Sperm Will Your Body Choose?

9bc3f865da62463d93de2c18f47b1895Can a female have biological power over sperm and choose the gender of her baby? In at least one animal, they can. Biologists from Syracuse University found that female Drosophila flies have more control over the baby daddy of their little girl and boy flies than meets the eye. Stefan Lüpold, Scott Pitnick and John Belote, Syracuse University biology professors, found that female flies selectively eject sperm from storage organs, which will later fertilize her eggs. They determined that the ejected sperm were let go, because they didn’t make the cut, genetically speaking. The body of the female fly helps her pick a daddy. Lüpold states, “Giant sperm tails represent the cellular, postcopulatory equivalent of peacock tails, having evolved mainly through female sperm choice.” Even female flies have a say in their mating rituals.

So, what about humans? Could the female Drosophila fly be an indicator of how man and woman procreate? Well, if more than one baby daddy is vying for her coveted egg, she does, in fact, have some biological control. British biologist Robin Baker discusses biological sperm wars in his book, Sperm Wars. This form of warfare occurs when two or more sperm from different males are vying to fertilize a single egg. The tiebreaker in this situation, the female’s womb, allowing a particular sperm to fuse with the egg. This means the female’s body makes a decision based on which littler swimmer is superior. From an evolutionary standpoint, all animals want to be better, faster, and stronger, “Because females of most species mate with multiple males within a reproductive cycle, intrasexual competition and intersexual choice can continue in the form of sperm competition and cryptic female choice,” states Pitnick. Not every female animal on the planet is mating with multiple males; however, it does put into perspective the power female bodies have over their offspring. If a woman’s body makes a choose about sperm, that means it is choosing genetic traits for a future offspring such as, gender, hair color, eye color and many more characteristics. And men try to take all the credit…


2 thoughts on “FOR WOMEN: Which Sperm Will Your Body Choose?

  1. Hi Wendy!

    I’m a bit skeptical…

    A drosophila fly can’t be the defining indicator of how man and woman procreated..No way!

    I don’t wanna be compared to a bug…

    These geeky sciency nerds better do more research because right now I still want to believe in mystery and God!


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