FOR WOMEN: Find Mr Right, Right Now!

couple-on-dateWomen always ask me how they can tell if the new guy they are dating is commitment oriented or just around for the fun times. Most men have learned to say all the right things at the beginning of any dating situation to make women feel comfortable and to obtain sex, and sometimes it’s hard to tell the commitment oriented guys from the players. Sadly, research shows that the number one lie is that men tell women is, “I love you,” in exchange for sex. So how can you tell at the beginning? Here are five clues you can look for to see if a guy is commitment oriented:

1. Look at his parents’ marriage: Are they still married? Were they married for a long time? This is important because this is a model inside of his head.

2. Check out his social group: Does he still run with a pack of highly single, promiscuous guys? Do they spend a lot of time in Vegas? Are there strippers involved? That’s not a good sign. If his peers are starting to get married or some of them are married and having kids, this is a good sign.

3. What’s his income? Studies show that men of a higher income tend to get married more often then men of a lower income. Guess what, when you get married all that stuff costs money, kids, mortgage, babies, college, whatever. Men like to have their financial ducks in order.

4. How old is he? The average age an American male gets married is 27. If he is between the ages of 24 and 37 that’s a really good marriageable age if it’s his first time heading to the altar.

5. Is he able to delay sexual gratification? A study out of the UK showed when women said “No” to sex, the men that stuck around were the good guys. They ended up being the “Dads” rather than the “Cads”. Another study shows that couples who wait to have sex tend to have healthier long-term relationships. Why? People who have the intellectual ability to delay sexual gratification tend to make better partners.


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