FOR COUPLES: Spicing up a long-term relationship

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American culture comes riddled with messages telling us what our sex lives should look like. According to popular television shows, we should be doing it every night (at least), probably with strangers, and we should be enjoying it. That puts a lot of pressure on long-term monogamous couples who may be looking for ways to spice up their relationship.

There are three pieces of advice I give to couples in long-term relationships. 1. Don’t be afraid to schedule sex. 2. Try it in a new location. 3. Take it out of the family jewels, and get back to the extremities. Need more details? Watch my video with Six Questions below.

2 thoughts on “FOR COUPLES: Spicing up a long-term relationship

  1. I have been married for almost 25 years, (just 2 years away). She TOLD me she has cheated, but she wants to stop. The guy she cheats with is a user and makes her clean his house and verbally abuses her. She has stopped because she has fallen back in love with me again. This guy is a real psycho guy because he has been with other women as well. He is just a plain user and abuser. He is so rude it will make your skin crawl. I will be pleased to share his bio at a later date. My wife has vaginal cancer and may be dying, but this guy does not care, and wants her to still give him sex. To me, that is so rude, and he will go back to his own wife and passes whatever disease he has and infect her as well. What do you think? I call the local Police every day, so he will stay away from her. He does not even offer to pay for any of her medical costs, or medicines. I still love her, and would STILL give my life up so she could live. Thank you for listening, and I value your input.

    Hopelessly STILL in love in New Jersey.

  2. I recently met and married my husband after meeting through eharmony. I’m having a hard time dealing with a good friend he has who is a girl. He tells me she is probably going to leave her husband and they were in contact every day until I questioned their friendship. After a heated argument he said he wouldn’t talk to her anymore, I told him I didn’t want it that way , I said just not the daily contact, remember she is unhappily married. Well, there were no more texts or phone calls from her, or so I thought. They were just going behind my back. I found 3 emails from her on a phone my husband gave me to give to my daughter. One said ” I can’t believe it’s been a week since I talked to you” (she was camping with her husband). Another one was ” I don’t know if you’re working this weekend so I’ll call you on mon.” The 3rd one said ” I’ll be home alone on thurs if you want to hear my sunshiny voice”. They also have nicknames for each other. I think she wants more from my husband and he doesn’t understand how it hurts me that he wants to talk to another woman everyday especially an unhappily married woman. He says it’s my hormones and that I can’t tell him who to talk to. So now they talk when I leave the house. He has stop calling her all the tim, but after the emails ( that she signs ” me” instead of her name) I don’t want him to contact her at all. Am I wrong to feel this way? And there is so much more but thought this was enough for now.

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