What’s Your Attachment Style?

SONY DSCWe fondly call each other “baby” when we enter a new relationship, but we are often completely unaware of how our own infant relationships to our parents can influence the way we trust romantic partners as adults. “Attachment parenting” has become a buzz word among new parents. But attachment as adults is rarely discussed

This week on Wine with Dr. Wendy we dig into the juicy aspects of psychology as we discuss Attachment Theory, and how infant bonding with our parents can affect our relationships into adulthood. We briefly explain how someone can identify their own attachment style, and give tips for dealing with partners who may attach differently than yourself. Joining me is Dr. Sue Johnson, clinical psychologist, researcher, professor, and primary developer of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), as well as author of the recent book Love Sense. Also joining me is hangout producer, Laura Hampikian, and the lovely Erica Djossa, B.A., MA, blogger and couples counselor of www.EricaDjossa.com.

Watch the broadcast from the steam below, or head over to YouTube.

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