I’ve lost my way….

BeachLove. It’s the thing I write about and the thing I read about most. I teach that attachment injuries can be healed and most loving behaviors can be trained. I spend a lot of time examining the neurochemistry of love. And, I believe that knowledge about love is the first step toward experiencing it.

But I am wrong.

Understanding love isn’t the first step. Being love is. Love is the essence of who we are. It’s the primal instinct of a newborn baby — to feel peace, love, joy and to reach for safe bonds. It’s the psychological place where humanity begins. Love is your very core.


But operating from a place of love can get really tricky sometimes. Your gentle, trusting nature may have been been beaten down by critical parents, abusive relationships, or even the high-speed shallowness of a world driven by technology. In response, you struggle with your intelligent mind to make sense of things. You read relationship blogs. You buy relationship books. Maybe, you’ve even watched some of my YouTube videos about dating, mating and relating. All good things to do. But this still isn’t love.

It’s time to get back to basics. This morning I was meditating on my beautiful beach in California. The sun played peak-a-boo through my fuzzy eyelashes. The warm breeze tussled my hair and teasingly stroked my arms. Surfers floated on long boards awaiting the next wave and a toddler squealed with joy at the break water. And I felt love. I felt the love of everyone of you who has ever read my words (and especially from those of you who have taken the time to write to me.) I felt the love of my dear intimate friends and family, so grateful for their kindness.  And I experienced the love of the world.

Then I felt it burning inside of me. My essence. My nature. My human desire to be of service and live a life that leads with love first. And this is why I struggle with the fact that love, for me, is also partially commercial. In the next few weeks, you’ll hear a lot about my plans to expand my platform and reach more people with more advice and tools to help them live more loving lives. But don’t get me wrong. Love is at the heart of everything I do. Yes, I’ve been in entrepreneur mode, busy creating online workshops, planning my Love Lab LIVE! event, giving a big offer on one of my books, and building AskALoveGuru.com, my new marketplace for relationship professionals, but I haven’t lost sight of my mission. To increase love between people. And it starts by reconnecting with the love that is already in you.  Maybe today is the day to stop, breath, and feel love. I did. And it sure feels good.

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