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FOR MEN: Why Men Want More Sex When Times Are Tough

oh+yeah+baby+spread+your+seed+all+over+the+place+_0842d7604b0a1de9988611537480f09bReprinted from sheknows.com


Men are interesting creatures. They have a magical ability to tune us out when the game is on TV. Even when stressed out, they can go into work mode and co-workers would never know their father was dying. And they always seem to be ready for sex. Especially lately. A high sex drive, it is speculated, can come along with a recession.

According to new research, when economic times are tough, men have higher sex drives and tend to seek out more opportunities for uncommitted sex. In the study, men were asked to think about their own death and then shown erotic photos. They found that men responded more vigorously to sexual pictures with increased heart rates when viewing those photos, compared to when they were told to think about dental pain. The researchers speculate that this reflex is related to our hunter/gatherer past. In evolutionary times, when humans were faced with a famine, a natural reflex evolved for a man to spread his seed far and wide as a last-ditch effort to reproduce before he succumbed to starvation himself.

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