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FOR PARENTS: Perfect Dads May Not Make Perfect Parents

New parenthood is stressful for both Moms and Dads. Life with a newborn consists of round-the-clock feedings and care, and is a lot like being in a Las Vegas casino. You lose awareness of night and day, your emotions vacillate between excitement and worry, and you can’t find the exit.

Now a new study shows that people who feel pressure to be perfect parents may actually undermine their own intentionsby adding a level of stress that can hurt their kids. And fathers in particular, if they are susceptible to a certain kind of pressure, do worse than mothers.

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FOR WOMEN: The Gisele Breastfeeding Law

Recently a supermodel said something exceptionally smart. Well, she’s also a mother, so of course she’s smart. I’m talking about that gorgeous Brazilian creature named Gisele, who famously gave birth to her son eight months ago, without medical intervention, in a hot tub. Now she’s rattled the likes of the ladies on The View with a statement to Harper’s Bizarre UK, that breastfeeding should be made law.

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FOR PARENTS: The Insanity of Traditional Families

Traditional1-580x490Families are changing. And that’s not all bad news. I have a theory that rising divorce rates, declining marriage rates, and the growing acceptance of variations of the family model (single parents, grand-parent guardians, gay parents, etc) are really quite normal. At least normal in the sense that this shift away from a traditional nuclear family, with rigid gender roles that place undue burden on women, is the beginning of a march back to better outcomes for more children.

If you are still captivated by the belief that a “traditional” nuclear family, that is, one with one father who is male, one mother who is female, and children who are biologically related to those two, is the very best thing for humans to be raised in, you are not alone. I was convinced of that myself. And I still believe if a single parent does not have an elaborate support system of family and friends and a good economic base, children would be much better off living with two parents who hold a biological interest in their welfare.

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Kids and Sex on TV. How Dangerous is it?

Lately, I’ve noticed my almost-twelve-year-old daughter closing the door to my bedroom while she watches TV. And the last couple times I intruded, I saw that she was watching an ABC Family show called “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.” The show’s website warns that viewer discretion is advised. I assume that’s because the plot deals with teen pregnancy, premature motherhood, and every kind of relationship dilemma ever — including sex. Yikes!

No doubt about it. Our media is getting more riské every year. And that media is becoming more and more accessible to our kids and teens. In a UCLA study on adolescent sexuality and the media, the exposure rates are shocking. On average, adolescent viewers see 143 incidents of sexual behavior on network television at prime time each week, with far more portrayals of sexual activity between unmarried couples as between spouses. As much as 80% of all movies shown on network or cable television stations have sexual content and even music videos are filled with sexual feelings and sexual impulses. Most disturbing is the fact that the sexual messages on television tend to be shown in a positive light, with little discussion of the risks of unprotected sexual intercourse and few portrayals of dangerous consequences.

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