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The Fishburne Family Business

Now here’s a teen who knows how to get Daddy’s attention. In a matter of days, Montana Fishburne, the nineteen-year-old daughter of film star Lawrence Fishburne has found instant fame, but not the kind her father is proud of.

It all started with her making  her own sex tape in the vein of her role models, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, (nice choice Montana) and then signing a professional contract to get it distributed and become a career pornographic actress. No sooner, did daddy shake his head than a posse of his fellow stars banded together in an attempt to purchase all copies of her first porn DVD release. They failed. And the news for Lawrence went from bad to worse.

The latest reports are that his little Miss was arrested last fall for prostitution charges and is now on probation. As if that wasn’t enough, E! Online reported this week that Montana Fishbourne was arrested again in February for a violent assault on her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Then Montana got herself a Twitter account and further distanced herself from A – list Hollywood by attacking Jamie Foxx as being gay and also accused him of making a gay porn. She may face a slander and libel charge for that one.

All I can say is, “Daddy, do I have your attention yet?”

The truth is, no one but Montana knows what kind of father Lawrence Fishburne was. And sometimes problem children are immune to even the most mindful and loving parenting. But if family history is any indication, I’d bet my house that Montana is behaving like a toddler screaming for much needed attention.

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