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FOR MEN: What a MILF Wants

rbk-help-moms-0612-mdnReprinted from askmen.com


When I first heard the term MILF (mom I’d like to f*ck), I was as appalled as I was excited. Excited because motherhood was clearly getting a vital makeover and appalled because I felt the term was yet another way to reduce women to a sex object.

But when my Facebook followers began to dub me “Dr. MILF,” I looked around at my day (I have two kids and a mortgage) filled with runny noses, homework tantrums and endless carpools, and decided that even this limited compliment glamorized my life a bit.

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FOR PARENTS: The Insanity of Traditional Families

Traditional1-580x490Families are changing. And that’s not all bad news. I have a theory that rising divorce rates, declining marriage rates, and the growing acceptance of variations of the family model (single parents, grand-parent guardians, gay parents, etc) are really quite normal. At least normal in the sense that this shift away from a traditional nuclear family, with rigid gender roles that place undue burden on women, is the beginning of a march back to better outcomes for more children.

If you are still captivated by the belief that a “traditional” nuclear family, that is, one with one father who is male, one mother who is female, and children who are biologically related to those two, is the very best thing for humans to be raised in, you are not alone. I was convinced of that myself. And I still believe if a single parent does not have an elaborate support system of family and friends and a good economic base, children would be much better off living with two parents who hold a biological interest in their welfare.

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