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The lives of famous couples and families have unique stresses that fascinate their fans.

Dr. Wendy Walsh Named Celebrity Spokesperson of The National Domestic Violence Hotline

ndvh_bubbleFor Immediate Release: Celebrities Gather to End Domestic Violence

OJ Simpson Prosecutor Marcia Clark, Academy Award Winner Marcia Gay Harden and The National Domestic Violence Hotline CEO, Katie Ray Jones, among women speaking at the “Women of Influence, Cocktail and Conversation” event in Santa Monica this Thursday, Nov.6th. At the event Dr. Wendy Walsh will be named celebrity spokesperson for The Hotline. A panel discussion will look at DV from OJ Simpson, to Chris Brown, to Ray Rice and the NFL’s recent donation to The Hotline.

Tickets and Media Inquires: Cameka Crawford, NDVH CCO, 

WHAT: Los Angeles, Women of Influence Cocktails and Conversation, (Party and panel discussion)

WHEN: Thursday, November 6th, 7:00 pm

WHERE:, 1453 14th Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90404

WHO:   Dr. Wendy Walsh, America’s Relationship Expert, Katie Ray-Jones, CEO, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, Marcia Clark, Author and former OJ Simpson Prosecutor, Shannon Humphrey, President, LA Black Women’s Lawyer Association, Marcia Gay Harden, Activist and Academy Award Winning Actress, Kandee Lewis, Executive Director of the Positive Results Corporation, Leanna Greene, CEO, and many more.

SPONSORS: Retrouvé Luxury Skin Care, Lorimar Vineyard and Winery, Adam Corolla’s Mangria,, and Lawrence Adamo, Summit Financial.

TICKETS AND MEDIA INQUIRIES: Cameka Crawford, CCO, The National Domestic Violence Hotline




Love in Utopia

140905utopia2_300x206A Manhattan attorney, a polyamorous belly dancer and a mate-poaching bee keeper. You’re right. These are characters from a reality show. But perhaps the first ever reality show to actually be, well, real. On a never-before-seen scale, Fox is the first network to come good on TV’s promise to stage a social experiment. Utopia. It’s the real world meets the real world in some primordial past. Fifteen men and women living in complete isolation are expected, in post-apocalyptic fashion, to create a Utopian world out of nothing. They are alone except for the one-hundred and thirty hidden robotic cameras that make the Truman show look like child’s play.

But the big news has less to do with raw survival strategies and more to do with securing emotional lifelines. At the end of the day, Utopia has become a relationship show. (Duh! I could have called that.) When stressed, humans bond like banshees staving off fears of dying alone in the wilderness.

And this Friday’s episode stands to be an evolutionary psychologist’s dream study complete with mate-poaching, mate guarding, and extra-mate pairing — humans who think one relationship is never enough.

Front and center is the relationship between Manhattan attorney Mike, who is uncertain about his feelings about polyamory, that is, if it can ever really work, yet is in love with Dedeker who planted big good-bye kisses on her trio of lovers when she left for Utopia. Add to the complications, a hottie bee keeper named Jake who seems happy to share. Even though Mike and Dedeker have technically broken up over “philosophical differences” he spends his time licking his wounds while attempting to sabotage Jake’s next visit to Utopia. In mating strategy terms, that’s called male-to-male sexual competition.

If that’s not mainstream enough, there are other clinging humans on Utopia for relationship enthusiasts including:

• Bri (20, Veterinary Assistant) and Chris (26, Musician/Artist) – aka “Bris”, the first official couple of Utopia.

• Hex (25, Unemployed) and Taylor (23, Landscaper) – A 6’ Huntress and Calvin Klein model unite!

• Nikki (29, Doctor) and Cal (38, communal farmer) – Utopia’s newest relationship based on a “modest proposal”. This relationship plays heavily in Friday’s episode.

It seems when humans are left to their own devices, everything seems to boil down to the world biggest past-time — mating. Cal only recently arrived in Utopia and suggested to Nikki very early on that they enjoy one another’s company for the next year, pointing out that he has a “hall pass” from his communal wife outside.

Like I said, Utopia is just like the real world. Tune in this Friday night on Fox.

FOR WOMEN: Dear Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor


I saw your Facebook and Twitter inter change today. Sinead, I commend you for taking a risk to be so publicly honest about the exploitation of Miley by the music industry. But, you know, Miley is in the bubble right now and can’t hear you. Yes, she looks at you as a role model and harkened to your “Nothing Compares 2U” video with her hyped up cartoon face in her “Wreaking Ball” video, but she is in the land of no “No’s” where she can’t make the distinction between art and commercialism. You and I have the gift of aged wisdom that she doesn’t have yet.

My ten-year-old daughter Jones watched Miley’s Wreaking Ball video and Sinead’s Nothing Compares 2U with me. Here’s my interview with her:

IMG_1640Q: Are you a fan of Miley Cyrus? Why or why not?

Jones: I liked her on only Hannah Montana. Then she got inappropriate.

Q: Why don’t you like that?

Jones: Because nobody is supposed to see anybody naked. You can only be naked if you are a baby or to your husband or boyfriend.

Q: Why can’t you be naked on the internet?

Jones: It’s very dangerous because teenagers might think that’s okay and they might do it. Then everybody might do it.

Q: Why is that bad?

Jones: Even Native Americans covered up most of their body because it’s fragile and those are the parts to make love. So they cover them up so people they don’t want to make love with won’t see. That would be embarrassing and it might make people be stalkers.

Q: What about Miley’s music?

Jones: I can’t really appreciate the music with the video because it makes me think bad about her. So I put on the lyrics only videos that the fans make. Miley, you shouldn’t do videos like this because it’s not a nice art.

Q: What did you think about Sinead’s video?

Jones: It showed real emotion. It wasn’t all fake. I could tell that they were real tears.

Q: Which artist do you like the most?

Jones: Sinead, because she seems very nice and smart. I don’t like to see Miley naked.

FOR SINGLES: Don Jon: Rom Coms Verses Porn

Women’s love of romantic comedies and men’s love of porn have a lot in common. Both forms of modern media skew our expectations about relationships. That is the subject of the new romantic comedy “Don Jon” written, directed, and starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and co-starring Scarlett Johansson. Tune into The Katie Couric Show on Thursday on ABC network to see my discussion with renowned sexuality counselor, Dr. Ian Kerner.

While Dr. Kerner deals with issues like erectile dysfunction relating to addiction to pornography, he also says moderate use of porn can have a vital place in long term monogamy.

No matter, like fast food, cheap, available, junk food sexual eye candy is not going away. Fully one third of all content on the interimagenet is pornography and a 2009 study from the University of Montreal showed that single men, on average, are consuming about forty minutes, three times a week. Men in committed relationships, on average, consume about twenty minutes, twice a week. As an interesting side note, the researcher wanted to study the effects of porn on men and to do so, he needed a control group of men who had not consumed pornography — but he could not find one man who hadn’t used porn. And all this porn use is changing the way some men think a relationship should look and feel.

Women, on the other hand, are being fed a constant stream of unrealistic relationship expectations in the form of romantic comedies. The plots of movies like When Harry Met Sally, No Strings Attached, Friends with Benefits, etc, send the message that the key to a perfect relationship is to find love and get him to commit. In fact the key to a great relationship is to become a good partner yourself. But most romantic comedies end at the beginning of the relationship, and we never get to see the challenging emotional work. The same goes for pornography. Women as sex objects with no emotional integrity simply isn’t realistic. Don Jon is a fascinating movie because it addresses this issue head on. Kudos to Joesph Gordon Levitt on having his finger on the pulse of modern relationships.

FOR PARENTS: Celebrity Baby Boom! Just in La-La Land or Everywhere?

The stork made a ton of deliveries in 2010!

Celebuzz asked Dr. Wendy Walsh, noted psychologist, to weigh in the recent spate of pregnant celebrities – especially those who are not married.

Dr. Wendy Walsh: With the recent rash of celebrities like Natalie Portman, Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Selma Blair, Owen Wilson’ girlfriend Jade Duell, and Jane Krakowski coming up preggers while still “out of wedlock,” it prompts the question, “Is this just a side effect of LaLa-Land or part of a real trend sweeping the nation?”

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