Psychology Professor

Dr. Wendy Walsh

Dr. Wendy Walsh has been teaching at California State University since 2015. She teaches:

Teaching Philosophy

The pathway to becoming educated is paved with moments of deep understanding that link together key elements of any discipline. My pedagogy instills in students a growth mindset and techniques to increase metacognition. With psychology, I try to create “aha moments” by favoring storytelling over rote memorization of disjointed facts. To that end, I provide highly entertaining lectures filled with stories of lived experience that bring the subject of Psychology to life. My slides are composed of griping imagery, definitions of psychological theory, and videos that showcase the science in action. My homework assignments demand critical thinking, real-world examples, and peer-reviewed citations. My term paper assignment instills solid academic writing skills and teaches students how to evaluate and interpret literature in the field of Psychology. When a student leaves my class having gained personal insight and a greater compassion for the diversity of human experience, then I have succeeded.